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DSP & Communications Laboratory

The Digital Signal Processing Lab in room 309/Science Building III at CSUB is equiped with state-of-the-art equipment.

We have access to vector signal generators and analyzers by Agilent, specifically, the EXG N5172B and CXA N9000A, respectively.

The DSP lab is also equipped with NI ELVIS II boards that are capable of supporting both fiber optic and wired digital communications.

Tektronix TDS-1012 100 MHz-1Gs/s scopes, function generators, power supplies, soldering irons, and multi-meters are some of the other measurement devices that we have in this lab.

We are also adding new wireless design and development equipment such as the National Instrument USRP-2920 software defined radio units. This equipment can also be used for multi-input multi-output system design and development.

Future equipment on DSP design and development are also in the works and will be added to this website soon.

Below is a picture of the National Instrument Datax Boards. These boards can support both digital and analog communication testing.

Below is also a picture of the National Instrument Fortex Boards. These boards can be used for fiber optic and pulse coded modulation testing.